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Model posed in ornate costumes: in black pressed pleats, with top hat; standing tip-toe on champagne bottle

As Day 11 hits full gear, most of my fellow Campers are having a tough go of it. So have I, in some ways, though I’m staying pretty near my 1k a day goal. Luckily, I’m reaching my main string of scenes that led to me thinking of my story in the first place.

However, I’d like to remind everyone of something that I nearly forgot about in this writing frenzy. Namely, that writing (like any other creative endeavor) is all about balance. Balance of your life, your friends, your priorities. Even though many of the participants in this crazy contest brag about how they turn down various outings and have become hermits, that isn’t always the way to go.

For me, having a balanced writing life means a lot of different things. Mainly, it means taking care of myself while writing. I have a bad habit of retreating into my brain when I’m in the middle of a creative process. This means long hours meditating on the couch, junk food, and little to no activity.

Before I considered myself a full-time writer, this wasn’t a problem. I’d write for a month and get back to eating healthy and exercising and talking to people. But, now that I consider myself a writer? That won’t fly.

So, how to do it? Right now, I have a blog post every day (or every other day), a thousand words a day, being there for my other Campers, my family, and my full-time job. How to fit exercising and eating healthy in that? Well, for one thing, by being creative (which is what we creative-types should do anyway, right?)

Right now, as I type this blog post, I’m lifting weights. To be more exact, I’m typing this blog post in the two minute rest between my sets. Pretty cool, right? I’ve also started doing yoga when I get into bed at night or while I have a slow minute at work.

As for nutrition? There’s not a lot I can do for that outside of meal planning and watching my calories. I personally use macro counting and My Fitness Pal to keep myself accountable.

Balancing your writing life and your real life is never easy, but just remember that, without balance, one or the other will burn out before you know it.