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Whew! It’s Day 9 already! How’s everyone doing? Still going strong or feeling a bit tender around the edges?

For me, I got back in the groove today.

Staring at the scene from yesterday, I couldn’t seem to get into it. It didn’t feel right. So, I trashed the words I’d written yesterday and some from the day before and started fresh.

Today, I got some character interaction and got to wax poetic about one of my favorite subjects — namely, knife-fighting. Because I was excited to write about Dawn learning to fight, the thousand words seemed to fly by and I got an extra hundred words, which puts my Words Per Day to Finish on Time at 955.

I mentioned the importance of taking a break in my other post, but today I’d like to point out that sometimes, when you can’t seem to get the words to flow right, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you, but that there’s something wrong with what you’re writing. For example, in yesterday’s scene, my story would have played out like this:

Lylee and Dawn walk through the woods, see Mr. Blue and Mr. Green

They hide and go through the woods.

Dawn reveals she knows nothing about woodcraft

They reach a hill, discover town is burning

Now, not only would this have been horribly depressing, but it also would have been a conflict of interest for me as a writer. Neither one of these women would just ignore a village burning, especially not one that took them in and gave them shelter. This would mean that they would go back to the village, realize the danger of Mr. Blue and Mr. Green, and would have probably either a) died or b) ran away.

With my new scene, the story plays out like this:

Lylee and Dawn walk through the woods, see Mr. Blue and Mr. Green

Dawn admits that she doesn’t know anything about woodcraft

They camp at mysterious camp site and Lylee agrees to teach Dawn how to fight

They practice on the way to Arena

Now, my story is not only on track (with them heading to the Arena), but I had some nice character development and even added a bit of much-needed information which will come into play later. Most exciting of all, I now know something that neither character would stand for. Win-win with a side of win, amirite?

How is everyone else doing? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Current Progress: 8,038/30,000