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Hey everyone! I thought I’d uploaded this yesterday… 0_o;

Welcome fellow Campers, to Day 8! By now the excitement of a new story is wearing off, doubt is sinking in, and the deadline seems a little less achievable.

There’s something about the second week of NaNo that is almost superstitious among my fellow NaNo’ers. Some hit their groove and jolt forward while others kind of just lag behind.

Or maybe it’s just me lagging behind.

I only got a little over 200 words written today, because I just couldn’t find my focus. I hate the scene I’m working on, I’m not sure how to get my characters where they need to go, and then there’s a tricky thing known as character development that I’m flailing around in like a toddler in mud.

So yeah….

Here’s to Week Two.

Current Progress: 6,876/30,000