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Hullo everyone!


I had a great first day of Camp!

Not only did I write over my word count for the day, but I also have a pretty good idea of where I’m going with the rest of my scene. I introduced my antagonist, and my two main characters are communicating well, which is always nice.

Today, I was really glad for the pre-planning I’d done last night. Instead of diving into my scene headfirst, I took some time to just think about what I wanted to say. I asked myself what the purpose of the scene was, how I wanted to portray the people and places, how I wanted the pacing to go and wrote down a few of the key points.

For example, in the scene I wrote today, my two main characters are in jail for murder. Dawn isn’t too worried about it. She’s been in jail before and is fairly impressed with the neatness and civility that the Arena gives its dungeons. She doesn’t have anywhere to be and is just happy to have some decent meals for a change. Lylee, on the other hand, is worried about her dragon, hasn’t been to jail, and isn’t sure how she feels about spending the next 20 or so years of her life in a cell with the thief.

Knowing where each characters headspace was really helped me hone in on what I wanted to touch on and will be ideal for when I go through and revise after the draft is done. Plus, knowing that these two characters have conflicting thoughts that can be brought together to a single cause (getting out of the dungeon) when the antagonist shows up is a great way to have the scene come together in a cohesive way that doesn’t scream ‘THEY DON’T LIKE HIM CUZ HE’S EVIIIILLLLLL!’

Current progress: 1,020/30,000

How’s your writing going today? Did you learn or try anything new?