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Hi everyone! 😀

It’s almost time for Camp NaNoWriMo!! I woke up this morning and was just giddy with excitement. Not only do I feel like I have an excellent chance of winning next month (not even a whole day away~), but I’m also incredibly hopeful that I won’t mess up my draft of Chasing the Dragon too badly to edit without a complete re-write…  *stares at Takeover*

Why am I so very excited and optimistic today? Glad you asked!

1. I Have An AWESOME Cabin

For the first time in two years, I finally got an active cabin! The cabins are a really awesome feature of Camp and are digital chatrooms where groups of campers can meet, check each others progress, share tips and tricks, or complain about a particularly tricky piece of novel.

Activities for the Camp are planned and ready to go! The group of writers that I’m with decided that, in order to stay motivated, we’ll be playing D&D (or Dungeons & Dragons, for you non-nerds) throughout the month with our novel characters. Awesome, right?

  1. Artsy-Craftsy Camp

So, while looking around the internet for fun writing stuff to keep me motivated (<–read: procrastinating) and I came across a really awesome site. It’s called http://www.writerology.net/write-chain-hub/

This activity alone inspired me to join Twitter (well, that and the NaNo word sprints…).

But, I got to thinking, while a 30-day virtual writing chain would be cool, what if I created an actual chain during Camp with my word counts and pictures of my story, then posted the picture of it online at the end of the month? Totally awesome, right?

  1. I Get to Live The Dream

…well, actually no, that’s what publication is for. BUT! I will be rewarding myself when I reach my two of my word count goals. One of these rewards will be at the halfway point of the month and has been a while coming, namely, a brand new writerly outfit.

The other is at the end of the month and will be a trip to Barnes & Noble with $30 of sweet, sweet, guilt-free money.

  1. I Get To Share It With All of You!

This Camp session, I’m going to let ya’ll in on the process. Every day during Camp, I’ll be putting up a blog post about my writing, my life, and how my Schnauzer thinks that my face looks tasty after not paying attention to her for a week.

With all of these things, it’s hard not to be excited about Camp. And that’s not even including the things I’m excited about in my novel!

So, how do you get pumped up for Camp, or writing in general?

Do you like mixing crafts with writing – such as building popsicle stick villages, writerly chains of awesomeness, or even a scrapbook of your characters?

Do you have a group of writers that you like to chat with, online or in real life? What’s it like?