Reclaiming Art, Overcoming Trauma


Yesterday, something amazing happened.

My dad and I were at Michael’s (which for those who don’t know is an AMAZING arts and crafts store) looking at Halloween stuff. He had gone to the bathroom and I wandered over to the art section.

Familiar brands greeted me, bottles of paint and gesso beckoned me closer. Sketchpads that I’d once dreamed of owning lined the shelves in polite rows, waiting to be noticed. Dark stained easels saluted me while pearly canvases squatted in meditative silence in front of my eyes.

You see, to say that I love art is an understatement. My enthusiasm for art is a huge part of who I am. Continue reading

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Is It Me or The Muse? Two Questions to Consider When Re-Engaging A Stalled Novel

The writing process is a complicated creature, whether you’ve working on your first novel or your fiftieth. Add in the mysticism that seems to follow writers around like a shadow and it can be hard to tell whether your novel is stalled because of some mystic force or just because you’re sick of looking at it and don’t really know what’s going on anymore.

This past month, I didn’t get a whole lot of work done on my current work-in-progress, The Prince’s Champion. I love the book, love the characters, and enjoy writing it, but something was just… off. Continue reading

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Thinking About Goals


It always surprises me how little planning I do for my life. While the minutiae of the day are planned out in detail, it’s very rare that I have a weekly plan, or even a monthly or yearly idea of where I’m going. A part of that is probably because I realize how quickly circumstances can change and I want to be able to roll with whatever punches life throws my way. However, there’s one slight problem with that idea. Sometimes going into life without a plan can really backfire. Continue reading

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June Carnival of Aces: Some Thoughts on Resiliency


This month’s Carnival of Aces post is about resiliency.

I think that for someone on the queer spectrum, and particularly on the asexual and aromantic spectrums, being resilient is a necessity. I have to be able to bounce back and recover from a lot of fears, self-doubts, and disbelief. Continue reading

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My Reaction to the Orlando Shooting


Yesterday, a terrible thing happened. A lone gunman went into a LGBT+ nightclub in Orlando, Florida and decided to start shooting. He killed a lot of people and more are expected to die within the week from their injuries. According to the authorities, he was a member of ISIS and they’ve claimed the act. Families have been broken and friends are in shock. Continue reading

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